Maia graduated with honors from the "Academie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts" in 2000.
She started her career as an interior architect when she joined the renowned prestigious designer "Alberto Pinto" in Paris.
She gained first class art experience in the field while handling a variety of projects around the world, mainly, in the Canary Islands, Morocco, Switzerland, and last but certainly not least, in Paris.
Back in Beirut in 2003 Maia started her own firm. Since, she has developed her design competence in the field and remodeled homes,offices,and retail stores in Lebanon,and in Dubai.


Customer satisfaction is key to our success through specialist's recommendations in a fully comprehensive service from bespoke ideas that are turned into required design, to high end design and project management 'turnkey' option.
We ensure that the interior architecture concepts are implemented to agreed quality standards, budget and timescales.


Interior architecture is the art of creating a coherent look and feel in the space through materials, textures, space and light.
The experience taught us that with every new project, comes a new challenge that should be tackled with the right mix of creativity and devotion.
A successful interior should reflect the way you live and use certain spaces. Even if you think you know what you want in your home, bringing it all together actually isn't that easy - details can make or break a design.
Hence, interior architecture is much more than just decorating or refurbishing - it's a process which requires skill, knowledge and experience.
With extensive experience in interior architecture, a refined attention to detail and finishing touches and strong determination to meet our client needs, we are able to transform any space into a space that reflect your personality and lifestyle.